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$ 51.00

Bralettes are $8 each  

This bralette is discontinued but the manufacturer agreed to make one more cut for us. Order was placed on Thursday June 14th and the factory takes 4-6 weeks to manufacture so ETA is mid-late July but we will post constant updates in the description here. 

UPDATE: 1st stock for mid-late July is SOLD OUT. Any orders placed after June 30th at 3pm will be in our 2nd stock arriving end of August. Exact ETA pending

UPDATE: First stock exact arrival date is July 31st  If you ordered before June 30th at 3pm your items are in this cut  

UPDATE: half of 2nd cut will be arriving early !! Just days after the first cut!! Estimated August 6th. The remaining half should follow a week or two after,  exact date TBD 

UPDATE: 2nd cut SOLD OUT  

UPDATE Aug 8th : New color white and another black run is officially in production. Rough ETA late  September. Black is available for preorder now  White will be uploaded for preorder right when we get a product picture, hopefully in a week  

UPDATE 9/9: Official ETA and shipment date for black is October 2nd  

Official ETA for white , olive , and wine is a solid week after that.  

UPDATE OCT 2nd !! : Black started shipping today 😊😊😊 Will take us about 3 days to get all the black bralette orders out for the first cut. 

Good news for recent black bralette orders in the 2nd cut. This cut will be here WAY early! Like within 2 weeks! I’ll keep you updated. 

Olive ETA is officially THURSDAY Oct 4th. 

White and Wine official ETA is the following week Oct 11th and 12th ! 

UPDATE Oct 17th ! All colors are currently in stock and shipping !!  More black arrives next week and will ship same day! ♥️ 




This is our all time BEST SELLER but the minimum is far more that we need for retail. We are selling about 40% of our stock wholesale. 

Case A: 2S - 2M - 2L

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