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Bella Dawn Boutique


$ 84.00


Who is ready for some flannel???? Finally a company that makes flannels in a feminine cut 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 If you look closely you can see the curve on the sides. Most flannels are sewn straight (like men's t-shirts) but finalllllly a manufacturer that makes flannels in a feminine cut and flattering curve to our bodies! 100% Polyester ! 
🖤 💲13
🖤 Case 1S-2M-2L-1XL (yay!)
🖤 Colors : Black/White
🖤 Buyer pays shipping. Total case cost include $6 shipping  

Red/Black and Teal/Navy in the works!

Updates will appear here when we are sold out and when we are getting more 🤟🏼

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